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Dimanto by VOCO America


VOCO America

VOCO introduces Dimanto a new, one-step, multi-use polishing system for pre-polishing and high-gloss finish of composites, including those of the latest generation with a particularly hard surface due to high filler rates. Dimanto achieves a faster high surface gloss in one simple procedure without using polishing paste. As Dimanto is a one-step, multi-use polishing system, there is no need to change polishers when proceeding from the pre-polishing to the high-gloss polishing stage, as there is with multi-level polishing systems. The diamond-interspersed silicone polishers are manufactured to very high quality standards and are autoclavable for multiple uses. Dimanto polishers work in wet or dry applications and are available in five different shapes: lens, small and large tips, small and large cups. A precisely manufactured metal shaft allows for easy insertion into the contra-angle handpiece and permits the polisher to run smoothly and without vibration.

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