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VITA VM® LC Expanded Color Palette by VITA North America

VITA VM® LC Expanded Color Palette

VITA North America

VITA’s VITA VM LC Classical line has been expanded from 10 to 15 colors for even greater shade choice. The range of new Classical shades includes B4, C1, C4, D2 and D4, completing the Classical shade line. With the expanded color palette, VITA VM LC is now available in the full line of both 3D-Master and Classical shades. A new effect enamel material (EE2) has also been added to the VM LC line and can be used as an alternative to ENL. For less translucent results, VM LC EE12 can be used as a replacement for enamel (except in the case of bleached shades).

Designed for a wide range of indications, VITA VM LC offers optimum processing characteristics for quick results, excellent shade stability and low plaque affinity. VITA VM LC mimics the reproduction of the fluorescence and opalescence of natural teeth, creating a very aesthetic restoration that is virtually indistinguishable from those of ceramics. For convenience, VITA VMLC can be built up over metal and resin frameworks and is indicated for veneering of full and partial crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays. It can also be used to individualize all VITA denture teeth. 

The new Pre Opaque bonding agent further improves adhesion between the framework and veneer. Pre Opaque can be applied optionally as an initial layer over the bonding system, and thanks to its low viscosity, flows reliably into retention undercuts where its high translucency ensures that it sets properly. 

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