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Therma-Flo™ Composite Warming Kit by Vista™ Dental Products

Therma-Flo™ Composite Warming Kit

Vista™ Dental Products

Therma-Flo™ products are uniquely engineered to utilize heat for optimal performance of any preferred composite material. With the Therma-Flo™ Warming Kit, your preferred highly filled composite will perform like a flowable, providing greater adaptation to the cavity walls.

Scientific research indicates heating composite material aids in the reduction of curing time and improves polymerization which reduces voids in the restoration. Heated composite material is much easier to manipulate, making placement fast and effortless. The Therma-Flo™ Warming Kit accepts most manufacturers’ composite capsules and composite guns, so dentists can continue to use the composite of their choice. The kit also includes Vista’s new Therma-Flo™ Step Down tips, ideal for precision placement of composite material.  

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