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SmearOFF™ by Vista™ Dental Products


Vista™ Dental Products

Vista Dental Products introduces the patent pending EDTA based formula called SmearOFF™, which not only effectively removes the smear layer, but also kills bacteria in one easy step.

Vista’s SmearOFF™ formula is enhanced with Chlorhexidine, and unlike other mixes, is compatible with Sodium Hypochlorite; eliminating steps and saving time with each procedure.

SmearOFF™ removes significantly more canal debris compared to standard 17% EDTA, and leaves the root canal surface cleaner by opening a greater percentage of dentin tubules. Additionally, SmearOFF™ provides the added benefit of killing root canal bacteria.

  • Superior chelation and enhanced cleansing
  • Optimal smear layer removal
  • Kills 99.99% bacteria in 10 seconds

*Independently confirmed by Nelson Labs; Time kill study protocol #STP0158.2

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