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PaX-i3D Green by Vatech America Inc.

PaX-i3D Green

Vatech America Inc.

PaX-i3D Green gets its “Green” moniker from three important qualities:

• Ultra low radiation while providing superior images,

• Eco-friendly

• FDA cleared for pediatric use.

This is an important step forward in CBCT manufacturing; with a GreenCT, patients can rest assured that they will receive the best of care for its safety, comfort and convenience, where as doctors can depend on the equipment to consistently provide exceptional radiographic images. One of the most exciting features of PaX-i3D Green is the ability to take 3D images at reduced radiation dose, at a lower dose than the 2D images while maintaining the image quality.

The only true technological advance to reduce radiation in a given X-ray scan without sacrificing the image quality of a scan is through the research and development of highly sensitive, high resolution flat panel X-ray sensor technology. PaX-i3D Green has also revolutionized the way dental CBCTs are manufactured by adopting comprehensive Eco-friendly quality control measures, entire manufacturing process was reworked to eliminate hazardous substance from the devices (e.g. lead, mercury…etc), also employing renewable energy sources and reducing the overall carbon footprint involved in manufacture of a device by reducing and managing the power consumption of the entire supply chain. What’s more, Vatech is one of the very few CBCT manufacturers in the United States who was cleared by FDA for pediatric use.

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