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Master 3DS by Vatech America Inc.

Master 3DS

Vatech America Inc.

The new Master 3DS focuses on specific product attributes to provide patient convenience and maximize system use for both private practice and institutional dental care facilities. With a new GPU solution, 3D reconstruction time improved to less than 35 seconds with even less 3D CT scan time: 15 seconds for normal definition and 24 seconds for high definition.

The field-of-view (FOV) selection option offers optimum sizes: 20 x 19 cm/ 20 x 15 cm, 16 x 10 cm, or 16 x 7 cm, and limits radiation dosage. EzImplant, the dynamic and efficient 3D image solution, offers comprehensive information for precise assessments, diagnosis, and treatment plans by using auxiliary functions such as measuring, canal tracing, cross-sectional viewing, and implant simulation.

The Master 3DS provides a selection of voxel sizes that improves the overall image resolution. The smaller voxel size (0.164 mm) offers the highest image quality while normal voxel sizes (0.3 mm or 0.4 mm) are suitable for diagnostic images with less reconstruction time and smaller file sizes. The new Master 3DS also offers 3 patient positioning options— standing, seated (with optional chair), and wheelchair-confined patient accessibility.

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