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·eledent by unidesa-odi



·eledent by unidesa-odi, 62 years experienced European Supplies Manufacturer, based in Madrid.
eledent is distributed in Texas by LOL Dental.

·eledent is a multi-layer acrylic tooth made from biocompatible polymers of high molecular weight that are strongly cross-linked and reinforced (Rr-HCL-PMMA). This material had been formulated to imitate the strength and elasticity of the natural teeth, preserving the antagonist teeth and avoiding bite problems.

This Premium teeth is specially designed for U.S. market, inspired in the most popular moulds (bioform) with shades that perfectly match the natural tooth coloration (V Shade A1-D4).

·eledent 3 layers had been designed and placed to provide the best aesthetic looking, high wear resistance and a perfect bonding with the denture base.

unidesa-odi acrylic teeth are manufactured with an injection system. This system avoids any pore or air bubble between layers, and also increase and improve the bonding of the layers of each tooth. The all-mineral pigments that are used in the production of eledent guaranties an unalterable coloration.

The Reinforced cross-linked (Rr-HCL-PMMA) internal structure provides twice wear resistance than it competitors.

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