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Axex Dental® by UniDent Software Company

Axex Dental®

UniDent Software Company

Axex Dental® from UniDent Software Company is designed to use touchscreen technology to provide dental offices a greatly increased level of productivity while being simple and easy to use. It completely eliminates paper and to reduce typing and clicking whenever possible. Axex Dental can be scaled to fit a dental office with one computer or a practice with multiple devices thanks to its unique local web server system.

Scheduling In Axex Dental is elegant and intuitive. With patient information only one screen touch or click away. The patent pending shelving system allows users to keep track of patients and their records as the patient is taken from one part of the office to another by placing the patient’s appointment into one of the customizable digital shelves.

Charting with Axex Dental keeps the feel of working with paper charts but eliminates the drawbacks of paper through the use of it’s trademarked FastCHART system. No messy stray lines, reduced chance of errors, no lost charts, with everything presented in a way dental professionals will instantly recognize.

Axex Dental provides a robust accounting solution with everything needed to handle patient and insurance accounts. Financial tools in the software can give an instant snapshot of the financial health of a dental practice.

Digital Imaging is just as easy to manage in Axex Dental with multiple options offered in how you can work with images. With whatever option you chose you can pinch, zoom, and scroll through pictures with your hand. Any image can be instantly accessed with any device in your network.

Patient digital forms were created to be easily filled out by even the most technology challenged patients and guide users through the process insuring correct information is collected. Voicedquestions will soon be available in both English and Spanish.

All information stored in Axex Dental is fully secure because Axex Dental runs on a dedicated server. The server features a robust linux based kernel, redundant data protection, and is hardware tested for longevity and reliability.

Axex Dental works on desktops, laptops and tablets. Computer system requirements are small and compatible operating systems include Mac, iOs, Android, Linux, and Windows.

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