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Opalescence Go by Ultradent Products, Inc.

Opalescence Go

Ultradent Products, Inc.

Opalescence Go from Ultradent Products, Inc. comes in the innovative, ready-made UltraFit™ tray that adapts instantly and comfortably to the teeth for a better fit and improved whitening experience. Opalescence Go’s unique UltraFit tray material easily conforms to any patient’s smile and offers molar-to-molar coverage, ensuring that the gel comes into contact with more posterior teeth than ever before.

The Opalescence Go 10% hydrogen peroxide gel allows for a 30- to 60-minute wear time with the delicious choices of Mint, Melon, or Peach flavors. The 15% hydrogen peroxide gel is available in Mint flavor and allows for a 15- to 20-minute wear time, providing sparkling results. 

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