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UltraSeal XT® Plus™ by Ultradent Products, Inc.

UltraSeal XT® Plus™

Ultradent Products, Inc.

The leader in dental sealants since 1998, UltraSeal XT® plus™ offers superior protection against dental decay. Its unique syringe offers direct, bubble-free delivery into difficult-to-access areas, and the spiral brush action of the tip thins the thixotropic resin for easy placement. Resin then firms, preventing it from running before it can be light cured. A 58% filled resin, UltraSeal XT plus is strong and wear-resistant and has less polymerization shrinkage than other products. UltraSeal XT plus is radiopaque and fluoride-releasing and comes in four shades. It is always BPA free. Combine with PrimaDry drying agent to achieve the highest possible retention rates.

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