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UltraSeal XT® hydro by Ultradent Products, Inc.

UltraSeal XT® hydro

Ultradent Products, Inc.

Ultradent’s UltraSeal XT® hydro is a sealant with a hydrophilic chemistry that incorporates advanced adhesive technology and fluorescent properties to offer exceptional, patient-centered results. Based on the proven, award-winning chemistry of UltraSeal XT plus, UltraSeal XT hydro’s hydrophilic properties eliminate the need for the clinician to pretreat the tooth with a drying agent, allowing for faster treatments without compromising quality results. It also fluoresces under a black light, making it easy to check retention at the time of placement and at subsequent visits. UltraSeal XT hydro’s advanced adhesive technology securely bonds to enamel, increasing marginal retention and reducing microleakage, resulting in fewer patients who need sealants re-placed. UltraSeal XT hydro maintains the always-BPA-free chemistry that UltraSeal XT plus has been recognized for. It is available in Natural and Opaque White shades and is easily delivered with a syringe and the Inspiral® Brush tip.

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