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Elara11 Pre & Post Vacuum Sterilizer by Tuttnauer USA

Elara11 Pre & Post Vacuum Sterilizer

Tuttnauer USA

Tuttnauer’s Elara11 autoclave brings a whole new dimension to fulfilling pre & post vacuum sterilization requirements. The Elara11 is a tabletop European Class B sterilizer designed for sterilizing a range of dental and medical surgical goods. That list includes wrapped, unwrapped, solid, hollow, porous products and goods defined as hollow A (dental handpieces and suction pipes).

The Elara11 comes standard with 5 FDA cleared cycles plus two test cycles, Bowie & Dick and VacTest to meet all of your sterilization needs. With an 11-inch chamber, a 7.5-gallon sterilization chamber and 5 stainless steel trays, the Elara11 offers the largest capacity in its class within a small footprint (a perfect fit for standard 24-inch shelves or counters). There is no need to reverse or replace the rack to switch between trays or cassettes.

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