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WedgeGuard by Ultradent Products, Inc.


Ultradent Products, Inc.

WedgeGuard by Triodent enables dentists to work more quickly and effectively when cutting an interproximal cavity by removing all risk of damaging the adjacent tooth and papilla. After cavity preparation, the guard is detached while the wedge stays in place, ready for insertion of a matrix beside it. Leaving the wedge in place prevents reactive hyperemia, ensuring a cleaner, blood-free working area. Studies have reported that dentists preparing interproximal cavities will nick the adjacent tooth or restoration more than 90% of the time. Those nicks could eventually become iatrogenic caries, which take time to repair.  Protects adjacent tooth and papilla, No need to slow down when breaking contact , Prevents gingival tags in proximal box, Wedge stays behind after shield is detached, so no reactive hyperemia, no cost of second wedge.  Saves time, less stress. Wedge retains all qualities of award-winning Wave-Wedge.  Ideal for Class II and III cavities, veneers and crowns, and tunnel preps.

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