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SIMPL by Town & Country Dental Studios


Town & Country Dental Studios

Town & Country Dental Studios developed the “SIMPL” Simplified Implant Restoration Protocol® to help doctors restore more implants in less time, at a lower cost, and with a superior clinical result over custom-cast and stock abutments. After soft tissue healing, the restoring doctor simply supplies Town & Country with a fixture-level impression with transfer coping(s), a counter model, and bite registration (some surgeons will supply transfer copings, eliminating the need to order any parts).

Within 2 weeks, the laboratory returns an Atlantis CAD/CAM abutment, abutment screw, SIMPL® Anti-rotation Placement Jig, laboratory analog, and soft tissue models—all for one low, set fee. The clinician can add to this a coping, framework, temporary, and/or definitive restoration.

SIMPL® is available with a CAD/CAM abutment in medical-grade titanium or Zirconium. Coping or restoration is available at an additional cost. This Protocol works with most implant fixtures and has a full warranty. SIMPL® is successful with all cases from single-unit restorations to full-arch and full-mouth rehabilitation cases.

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