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TouchDentology Oralfit Score by TouchDentology

TouchDentology Oralfit Score


Staying connected to your patients is essential in today’s competitive marketplace. TouchDentology offers dental practices the most relevant solution for communicating and connecting with new and existing patients: a mobile App for YOUR dental practice!

The mobile App is free for your patients and easily downloaded via App Stores for iPhone and Android. Once on your patients’ phones, your practice will have a constant presence and open channel for keeping in touch.

The semi-customizable App is created for each practice and comes branded with your practice logo and information. With just a few clicks, your practice can load its content and make selections in TouchDentology’s easy-to-use, web-based set up process. Making changes or updating your content is just as simple.

The App includes 2 standard features:

About Us (brief description of your practice)
The Oralfit Score (detailed information on the 8 key oral health assessments, basic dental emergency information, and access to the patient’s score through a secure, password protected download.)
Choose up to 8 additional features from the following options:

Contact Us- email, phone, and website information
Special Offers
Appointment Request

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