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Tokuyama Universal Bond® by Tokuyama America Inc.

Tokuyama Universal Bond®

Tokuyama America Inc.

Tokuyama Universal Bond®

A self-curing universal adhesive providing superior bond strength for direct and indirect restorations to all clinically used restoratives without any additional primers or activators. No etching(optional), surface agitation or wait time required. Virtually no post-op sensitivity.


Product Benefits 

-Acidic monomer (Bond A) and silane (Bond B) are separated, this separation prevents the deterioration of silane agent that may occur in one bottle systems over time providing consistent results to zirconia and lithium disilicate restorations

-1 bonding system for all clinically used restoratives and streamlines bonding armamentarium. No need to stock silane, dual-cure activators or additional bonding agents.


Product Features 

-Compatible with all etching-protocols

-Quick 25 second application: no light cure, agitation or wait required

-Superior bond strength for direct/indirect restorations and intraoral repair

-Mix 1 drop of each bond to initiate Active-Chemistry self-cure

-3:1 mixing ratios for consistent results

-Releases Fluoride

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