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BISTITE® IIDC by Tokuyama America Inc.


Tokuyama America Inc.

Tokuyama’s BISTITE® IIDC is a self-etching, dual-cured adhesive resin cement system with excellent handling and adhesive properties. Bistite® II DC kit is designed and manufactured for cementation of precious and non-precious metals, ceramics, porcelain, cured composite crowns, inlays, onlays, bridges and veneers. Metaltite®, precious metal primer, and Tokuso® Ceramic Primer are included in the Bistite® II DC Kit.


  • Outstanding bond strength
  • Low film thickness (10µm)
  • Multiple shades availability
  • Easy excess removal
  • Extended shelf life
  • All inclusive kit
  • Self-etching
  • Eliminates tin plating
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