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T-Scan® System: Bite Force Dynamics by Tekscan, Inc

T-Scan® System: Bite Force Dynamics

Tekscan, Inc

The T-Scan is a diagnostic device that records your patient's bite force dynamics, including occlusal force, location and timing. The patented sensor technology was developed at MIT and Tufts University. The device is compact in size, connects to a laptop or desktop computer and is easily moved between operatories.

Dentists all over the world are using the T-Scan to protect their cosmetic cases from harmful forces, ensuring proper implant loading and preventing remakes and fractures, minimizing emergency visits, and saving valuable chair time.

The data recorded by the T-Scan puts you in control of the treatment sequence by providing the percentage of force distribution for a patient's bite. Imagine what that indestructible, full contour zirconia crown you just seated is doing to your patient's natural dentition. With the T-Scan, you can measure what your paper marks are trying to show you. Because the truth is, sometimes paper marks alone are not enough.

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