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Smart Spacer® by TAUB Products

Smart Spacer®

TAUB Products

High Performance Statistics:


  • E.max®, Cerpress®, Zirconia and all other pressable ceramic technicians. 


  • Dries in 15 seconds flat!
  • Cuts at least 15 minutes off your pressable ceramic preparation.

Fuel Economy:

  • A nine shade kit will save up to $4,000.00 in alternative stump material and hundreds of man hours.
  • Estimated CPS (Cost Per Stump (die)): 8 to 14.6 cents!


  • 12 microns per coat.
  • Eliminates the necessity for making a second die for color determination.


  • Cross References to IPS Empress® and E.max® (ND) Stump Shade materials; Vita®, Cromascop® Shade Guides.
  • Use colors to make your own laminated shade guides to give to the dentist.


  • Available in up to twelve shades! Kits available in either four or nine shades!

Performance Accessories:

  • Comes with Taub Die Hardener, True Release Die Lubricant, True Blue Surfactant, Thinner, Rubber Sep peelable die spacer (in 9 shade kit), White die spacer SSW (in 9 shade kit), Instructions, Shade Reference Chart and MSDS.
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