Symmetry ID System

Symmetry Dental Direct

Symmetry Dental Direct’s Symmetry ID (integrated design) System offers an approach to office design that allows clinicians to create a customized space, tailored to their own tastes and practice needs within the span of a single meeting.

Symmetry ID is a collection of 15 interior design pallets that allow a clinician to choose what fits both his or her personal style and business needs. Within each kit is a series of recommended selections for all the materials needed to create a cohesive office design from paint colors to fixtures to cabinets to office furniture.

ID offers a wide variety of styles to meet any taste. Within each ID style are a host of personalized choices, providing more than 6 million unique combinations. Specifically designed for a dental office, the ID recommendations are geared toward creating a comfortable environment for patients and an efficient space for the clinician.

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