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Osteogrow/Osteokor by Surgical Solutions USA


Surgical Solutions USA

Surgical Solutions USA has released Osteogrow/Osteokor, a cost-conscious option for dental grafting procedures, and the ideal alternative to autografts. Osteogrow/Osteokor is ideal for guided bone regeneration procedures such as perio defects, sinus grafting procedures, extraction sockets, intrabony defects, and in conjunction with dental implant placement.

The cancellous chips and granules form the osteoinductive scaffold for new bone formation, while maintaining the porosity essential for both tissue and vascular remodeling. Osteogrow/Osteokor meets all the requirements from both AATB as well as FDA guidelines, and is available in either mineralized or demineralized version. The off-the-shelf allograft has the favored small particle sizes of 250-1000 microns, and is the closest alternative to autogenous bone.

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