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G-U-M® PerioShield™ by Sunstar Americas, Inc

G-U-M® PerioShield™

Sunstar Americas, Inc

Representing a significant advance in the treatment and prevention of gingivitis, Sunstar’s G-U-M® PerioShield™ is a next-generation solution engineered to achieve and maintain a healthy mouth. G-U-M PerioShield Oral Health Rinse inhibits bacterial adhesion to tooth surfaces, serves as an adjunct to normal mechanical oral hygiene, and provides dental professionals and patients alike with a much-needed tool for the prevention of plaque and gingivitis that could lead to periodontitis. Unlike other commercial antiseptic rinses currently on the market, G-U-M PerioShield provides a unique, plaque-blocking technology, which forms a shield to help prevent bacterial plaque from adhering to tooth and gum surfaces. This process of mechanically blocking the plaque from attaching and colonizing has been clinically proven to help prevent and treat gingivitis – a key predecessor of periodontitis. The product is recommended for patients with heavy plaque and chronic gum inflammation.

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