SuniRay2 Sensor

Suni Medical Imaging, Inc.

It is comfortable and safe for patients because of an ergonomic design with thin, rounded corners. The large, active image area ensures a comfortable fit without sacrificing image quality or sensor durability. A fast acquisition time and low radiation exposure assure a comfortable experience in the dental chair.

It is robust, sturdy and reliable with a reinforced cable attachment and ultrasonically-sealed outer casing. Impact protection technology ensures exceptional sensor performance even in the case of extra pressure or strain.

The advanced design includes Suni CMOS chip with a scintillator screen and 1/2, fiber-optic place to ensure a high-quality X-ray image. SuniRay2 finds the perfect balance of low-radiation with ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable), signal-to-noise ratio and line pairs per millimeter. An advanced software array of preset filters and automatic image enhancements deliver high-quality X-rays with optimum contrast resolutions that maximize your sensor’s diagnostic capabilities.

SuniRay2 directly integrates with practice management by being flexible, user-friendly. It bridges with existing practice management software and open-architecture capabilities allow the freedom and convenience of changing practice management software in the future.

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