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Silgimix® Alginate Replacement Impression Material by Sultan Healthcare

Silgimix® Alginate Replacement Impression Material

Sultan Healthcare

Sultan’s Silgimix is a vinyl polysiloxane material specifically designed to replace messy alginate materials. Silgimix is ideal for making impression study models, orthodontic models, counter impressions, provisionals, bleaching trays and more. Silgimix is packaged in disposable 380-ml cartridges for automatic mixing machines and 50-ml, 1:1 ratio cartridges for S-50 dispenser guns. Silgimix sets fast in only 2:10 and has a patient pleasing mint flavor. • Automixed in choice of 380 ml cartridge or convenient 50ml, 1:1 ratio refill cartridges eliminating messy mixing of powder formulations and makes clean up a snap! • Fast Set time of 2:10 saves valuable time and keeps patients happy. • Low tear strength makes mouth removal easy and comfortable for the patient. • Silgimix impressions remain dimensionally stable for months so there is no rush to pour and can be poured multiple times without loss of accuracy as an added convenience. • Silgimix impressions are easily disinfected with glutaraldehydes or Sultan’s Sporox® sterilizing and disinfecting solution eliminating contamination issues often associated with traditional alginate materials. • Mint Flavored to please all patients • Silgimix is ideal for making impressions that will be scanned as part of a CAD/CAM manufacturing process.

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