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StarDental Turbines by StarDental®, a DentalEZ Group Company

StarDental Turbines

StarDental®, a DentalEZ Group Company

StarDental's High-Speed Turbines are virtually maintenance free, reliable and light-weight.

Choose from the following available turbines:  

  • Ceramic Autochuck Turbine (LubeFree)                 
  • Ceramic Autochuck Turbine (Lubricated)        
  • E6 Turbine  (LubeFree)  Autochuck Steel Bearning Turbine (Lubricated)             
  • Manual Chuck Steel Bearing Turbine (Lubricated)                              
  • 430 Torque Turbine (Lubricated)                        
  • 430 Torque Turbine (LubeFree)
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