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V-Taper™2 by SS White Dental, Inc.


SS White Dental, Inc.

SS White’s performance-enhanced rotary file system shortens treatment time through use of fewer files per case, allowing for safe, efficient, conservative root canal treatment. Use of V-Taper™2 rotary files allows most molar and premolars to be completed with 2-3 rotary files and anterior teeth with 1-2 rotary files. V-Taper™2 is a series of patented, variable-taper NiTi rotary files that permit deeper apical shapes with fewer instruments. The files yield a conservative access path that retains more healthy tooth structure at the heart of the tooth, which is critical to support longer-lasting restorations. V-Taper™2 rotary files feature a parabolic cross section design that combines high efficiency and flexibility while being safe and resistant to fracture. These desirable features allow the clinician to effectively combine access and shaping into a single integrated process. When establishing canal patency the V-Taper™2 rotary files are ideally preceded with use of V-Glide Path™2 files. Used together, the V-Rotary File System adds precision to root canal procedures while saving chair time and reducing stress for operator and patient.

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