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Trimming and Finishing Burs by SS White Dental, Inc.

Trimming and Finishing Burs

SS White Dental, Inc.

The SS White® line of Trimming and Finishing Burs offers a two-step method of composite finishing that uses both 12- and 20-blade finishing burs. Ideal for use with all of today’s dental composite material. 12 blade burs are engineered to finish and contour composite restorations directly after placement.

Anatomical features such as grooves, pits and fissures can be easily placed into the composite restoration with this set of finishing burs creating a seamless transition from composite to natural tooth at the margins of the restoration. 20 blade finishing burs are then used to pre-polish the surface of the composite placement by removing any striations or scratches and blending the cavosurface margin to a natural seamless form. These burs are non-invasive and create an ultra-smooth surface on all composite materials, ideal for final polishing.

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