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Comfortable Cavity Preparation™ Kit by SS White Dental, Inc.

Comfortable Cavity Preparation™ Kit

SS White Dental, Inc.

SS White Bur’s Comfortable Cavity Preparation™ Kit offers greater patient comfort during cavity restoration procedures by eliminating the need for anesthesia in most Class I, II and V preparations. The kit features a selection of patented rotary instruments that make caries preparation less invasive and more efficient. This kit also contains a selection of instruments designed to optimize treatment efficiency, such as Fissurotomy® Burs for minimally invasive caries exploration and SmartBurs® II for removal of carious dentin without harm to healthy dentin. Also included in this system are Great White® Burs for restoration removal, 12 and 20 blade finishing burs for precise composite contouring and pre-polishing and Jazz® Supreme 1-Step Universal Composite Polishers. Each kit includes a sturdy, 22-drawer storage case and an item place-card for easy organization of instruments. The Comfortable Cavity Preparation™ Kit is part of the SS White Bur’s Professional System Solutions™ series of task-specific kits, configured to optimize treatment efficiency for selected dental procedures.

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