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CRANEX® Novus e


SOREDEX’s CRANEX® Novus e digital panoramic unit provides excellent image quality with extended imaging values and enhanced operation with the ClearTouch™ control panel. The CRANEX Novus e uses SOREDEX’s well-known 5-point patient stabilization system, which guarantees accurate and stable patient positioning.

Designed for fast operation and easy workflow, CRANEX Novus e delivers maximum efficiency. With 5” ClearTouch control panel user can access to all settings easily. The advanced image processing ensure that images are immediately ready for diagnostics work after exposure. CRANEX Novus e imaging programs consist of adult panoramic, children panoramic, TMJ and optional Bitewing program with imaging range 63-77 kV and 10 mA. With 9-second adult panoramic exposure time, the patient exposure dose is minimized, while reducing the potential for movement artifacts.

SOREDEX offers wide range of image filtering and grey scale settings. Clinic can easily set their own preferences with program specific settings. CRANEX Novus e can be easily adapted to a clinic’s software environment. SCANORA® SW and DIGORA® for Windows® offer a comprehensive set of imaging tools to assist you with your daily imaging needs. SOREDEX flexible software options include standard single-user and optional network multi-user versions.

Multiconnect functionality of CRANEX Novus e enables direct connection to unit from multiple treatment rooms. CRANEX Novus e has a simple-to-use Ethernet connection to your PC or network.

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