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Acry-Tone™ Pre-Made Clasps by Snow Rock USA

Acry-Tone™ Pre-Made Clasps

Snow Rock USA

Acry-Tone Pre-made Clasps are the fastest and most cost-effective clasp solution for any acrylic denture. Made out of Acry-Tone--the acrylic-based flexible material, clasps easily finish like an acrylic, yielding a flexible, lightweight and durable clasp with a translucent appearance.

This quick and easy solution for damaged dentures allows clinicians to remedy acrylic dentures in 15 minutes or less. There is no need to recast or attach to metal when creating a clasp--just use a heat gun to customize the clasp shape to the model, and bond it with ISO Fast or another self/cold-cure acrylic.

Clasps are available in two colors: #0 Clear and #7a Real Pink.

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