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Active Presence by Smile Reminder

Active Presence

Smile Reminder

Smile Reminder’s Active Presence is a three-part platform that gives dental practices the power to control their online reputation through simple management and placement of patient reviews. First the system actively monitors your office’s “webutation” by combing all relevant data. Secondly, the system allows web reputation management by posting things such as patient reviews on Google. Finally, Active Push helps an office manage its online listings. A complete overview of the program: Active Monitor routinely combs the web looking for all reviews mentioning a specific practice. These reviews are then reported along with other important facts such as overall review score and a comparison review rating. Most importantly this report allows a practice to routinely track their evolving online reputation. Active Review enables practices to manage their “webutation” with automatic pushing of patient reviews to online directories such as Google. Active Review also aides practices in directing patient reviews anywhere their online reputation needs help. Active Push assists practices with managing their listings online. With hundreds of directories available all across the web it becomes nearly impossible for a practice to manually submit and manage their practice information one listing at a time. Active push submits to these directories, which are then watched by Active Monitor. With Active Presence, practices will gain even greater control of their online reputation while receiving priceless patient feedback.

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