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Tinto Mixing Trays by Smile Line USA, Inc.

Tinto Mixing Trays

Smile Line USA, Inc.

Smile Line USA’s Tinto mixing trays allow technicians to store pre-mixed products, such as stains or paste-opaques, while keeping them protected from dust and other elements. Tinto mixing trays are constructed like a traditional a dry tray, and feature a unique, ergonomic, and compact design (118 x 118 x 25mm) that is stackable, saving much-needed bench space.

The lid is equipped with a transparent window, which allows the user to view the contents of the tray at a glance, without opening it. Three options are available to accommodate different users’ personal style. The first has 9 wells with 18mm diameter and a smaller deeper well for the liquid (Item #1309). The second model has 15 wells of 14mm diameter as well as two small deep wells for the liquid (Item #1315) The third option is one tray of 9 wells and one tray of 15 wells (Item #1300). 

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