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The Golden Section Divider by Smile Line USA, Inc.

The Golden Section Divider

Smile Line USA, Inc.

The Golden Ratio (1.618 to 1) has inspired the painters and sculptors of culture, influencing art and architecture for thousands of years. Glorified as a constant among all things, it is a representation of harmony, balance, and beauty. This is the guiding principle behind Smile Line’s Golden Section Divider—to bring harmony and balance to your patient’s smile.

Originally developed by London practitioner Dr. Eddy Levin, the Golden Section Divider has been re-designed and re-vamped with the highest quality stainless steel. Each divider opens and closes like a compass; regardless how far or how short its legs' span, the mechanism always maintains the 1.618 to 1 ratio.

Assembled by hand and carefully supplied into sets of useful blocs and grids, the Golden Section Divider is a marvel of mechanical precision. Use this product for esthetic anterior procedures, dentures, positioning angle-axis of teeth; gigivectomies and wax-up control.  

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