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inEos® Blue by Dentsply Sirona

inEos® Blue

Dentsply Sirona

The inEos Blue desktop scanner from Sirona is an advanced 3-D scanner that incorporates Bluecam technology, upgraded scan software, and user-friendly features. Sirona’s Blue Light-Emitting Diode Bluecam technology utilizes short-wavelength visible blue light to facilitate flexible data recording options for faster scanning and highly precise 3-D digital models. Technicians can scan almost any die stone without the need for additional scan powder or spray because the visible blue light provides visual confirmation of the area of the model that is being captured. The inEos Blue scanner provides dental technicians with more control over what is recorded so that they can perform the design process of 3-D digital restorations with accuracy and speed. When using the inEos Blue, technicians can capitalize on their specialized knowledge and experience by directing the scanner to only those areas they want scanned. The scanner’s automatic image capture function (auto-capture) allows free movement of the model in any direction and provides complete control of the scan angle. Because the auto-capture function scans only those areas that need to be rendered, the scanner allows for a precise and efficient restorative design and production process. inEos Blue offers various scan modes such as free-hand, grid-guided, and a unique rotational die-scan to enhance the marginal integrity of each restoration and obtain the optimal combination of speed and accuracy. It can scan a single stump in 10 seconds and a three-unit bridge in less than 4 minutes. In addition, scan data can be easily exported in STL format so that it can be processed using third-party software.

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