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inFire HTC by Dentsply Sirona

inFire HTC

Dentsply Sirona

inFire HTC features a superior interior insulation design that results in low energy consumption, while high-performance heating elements make sintering fast and effective. The sintering trays of the inFire HTC speed have also been greatly improved and are now suitable for fast, effective sintering of oxide materials. The new inFire sinters Sirona’s newest inCoris TZI full-contour translucent zirconia in a mere 90 minutes. The new inFire HTC speed is able to sinter single copings, as well as up to 5-unit bridges in approximately 90 minutes without sacrificing materials in any shape or form. The time savings are substantial when compared to competing furnaces on the market, which can take up to 240 minutes to sinter 3- to 4-unit bridges. The inFire HTC speed is capable of sintering oxide ceramics at up to a maximum temperature of 1650 degrees C, with no preheating necessary. The controller display of Sirona’s newest sintering furnace is equipped with state-of-the-art microprocessor technology, which allows for processing a vast variety of heating curves with utmost precision. Operation of the unit is menu-driven via an easy-touch membrane keyboard and LCD display. The expansive firing chamber of the inFire HTC speed accommodates up to 2 trays that hold up to 25 units each. Sintering programs for all materials are pre-programmed with firing times and temperatures readily available, making for simple selection and ensuring ideal firing conditions.

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