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Biogeneric Software by Dentsply Sirona

Biogeneric Software

Dentsply Sirona

Chairside or in the lab, Sirona’s new Biogeneric software automatically designs a custom, “true-to-life” restoration based on individual patient morphology rather than a pre-existing tooth model in a dental database. Biogeneric software takes the patient’s intact tooth structure into account and identifies the exact morphology of the missing tooth structure necessary to bring the tooth back to its normal, uncompromised state.

Using proprietary algorithms based on natural human tooth morphologies, the patented Biogeneric software collects extensive optic measurements of the preparation site and adjacent teeth, analyzing the patient’s own existing dentition to create a crown proposal unique to the individual patient. Measurements include mesial and distal neighbors, as well as opposing arch dentition, for the proper form, function and occlusion.

Biogeneric software draws on unique research and analysis of thousands of actual human tooth shapes and forms, incorporating as much actual human tooth morphology necessary to define and create the most natural restoration possible for each individual patient. By incorporating these elements directly from nature’s blueprint, Biogeneric replicates the patient’s natural tooth as closely as anything outside of nature itself. And, because the Biogeneric process is based on the individual patient dentition, the results are always the same high quality, regardless of the operator.

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