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The Artistic Composite Kit by Shofu

The Artistic Composite Kit


The Artistic Composite Kit finishing technique supports minimally invasive dentistry. The protocol begins with creating a unified surface using fine and super fine Robot Diamonds in various shapes, including flame, round-end tapered cylinder, and more. These award-winning abrasives delineate seamless transitions from the tooth to the material by effectively prepping the surface for further characterization.

In the following steps clinicians can optimally prep the surface of their restorations: With a fine-grit T&F Hybrid Point diamond and an egg-shaped Robot Carbide Finisher, three facial planes (ie, the emergence profile, face of the tooth, and the incisal third) and secondary anatomy can be achieved. The selected hybrid point diamond cuts like a 12-fluted carbide but can operate at higher speeds to gently and efficiently mill composite layers.

In areas of the restoration where light-diffusing architecture is needed, a flame-shaped Dura-Green Stone delivers predictable results. This stone is impregnated with silicon carbide for fine cutting without heavy dust. Users can create macro and micro esthetics for the finishing step by using the 8-, 16-, and 30-fluted Robot Carbide Finishers. Also available in regular, fine, and ultrafine grits, these exceptional tungsten carbides are optimal in defining natural tooth anatomy.

A finishing system using artisan-selected abrasives is an indispensable element in achieving natural esthetics. Shofu’s Artistic Composite Kit includes the finest diamonds, carbides, and stones, all designed to help create a naturally appearing smile in a swift, predictable manner.

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