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ResiCem™ by Shofu



ResiCem™ dual cure universal resin cement is specially designed for zirconia and alumina porcelains using combined innovative adhesive and composite resin technologies. 

As the percentage of all-ceramic restorations continues to grow and the demand for aesthetic dentistry increases, ResiCem is the ideal adhesive bonding system with outstanding physical properties for all types of framework and restorative materials.

ResiCem offers worry-free zirconia bonding with AZ Primer.  Exclusively developed for modern materials such as zirconia and alumina, AZ Primer ensures outstanding bonding values between the restoration and the hard tooth structure.

Available in a specially formulated translucent shade, ResiCem offers excellent shade stability with minimal variation for long-lasting aesthetics.  ResiCem’s easy to clean up formula with ideal flowability and viscosity ensures simple application.  Thanks to its stability, excess material can be easily removed without smearing or sticking, saving valuable time and effort.

ResiCem can be expanded to become an all-purpose bonding system with the supplementary components that have been adapted to suit each class of materials.  Use the Porcelain Primer for sintered and pressed porcelains and laboratory made composite restorations.  The trusted ML Primer ensures secure bonding of precious and non-precious alloys.

ResiCem features a unique automix syringe for efficient mixing and loading.  With the shortest automix tip on the market, ResiCem minimizes material waste and ensures easy and accurate mixing of the base and catalyst.  With superior performance, convenience and value, ResiCem is the ideal universal resin cement for veneers, inlays, onlays, crowns or bridges.

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