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Q3 PACK by Shofu



The physiological design of Veracia SA posterior teeth enabled the development of a unique patented wax-free assortment holder with an integrated set-up support – the Q3 PACK. Q3 PACK reduces the setup time of eight Veracia SA posterior teeth to a few minutes. Time-consuming preparations or complex equipment are not necessary.

Q3 PACK is precise and provides the correct contact relation for Veracia SA posterior teeth. Functional grinding corrections are kept to a minimum. The visible horizontal line on the Q3 PACK lines up the teeth over the alveolar ridge. This line is placed to intersect distally the center of the retromolar pad and mesially the center of the set cuspid tooth. The Q3 PACK has a unique notch to further aid the placement next to the cuspid.

The Q3 PACK has a built in Curve of Spee. Once both sides of lower posterior teeth are set up, aligning the Q3 PACK tabs horizontally provides a built-in occlusal template, saving set up time. Q3 PACK contains single posterior teeth, allowing individual adjustments.

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