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N'Durance™ Dimer Core by Septodont

N'Durance™ Dimer Core


Septodont’s N’Durance® Dimer Core is a dual-cure, core build-up composite that is based on Septodont’s proprietary Nano-Dimer conversion technology®. N’Durance Dimer Core features dentin-like cuttability, providing clinicians with a precise, smooth and controlled preparation of the core, avoiding overcuts. Its outstanding viscosity will naturally flow in the cavity, especially in the case of undercuts. The unique breakthrough of Nano-Dimer conversion technology creates a higher monomer conversion, reducing the amount of potentially leachable residual monomers. It therefore guarantees optimal biotolerance while maintaining essential mechanical properties such as a low flexural modulus for better stress absorption and distribution. A separate tip replacement kit is available, including 20 mixing tips and 20 intra-oral tips. N’Durance Dimer Core is available in 2 shades to adapt to all clinical situations. The Natural shade will blend with surrounding dental tissue, while the Bleach White shade offers a higher contrast with dentin for easy margin preparation.

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