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N'Durance™ Universal Composite by Septodont

N'Durance™ Universal Composite


N’Durance® Universal Composite from Septodont demonstrates greater polymerization with significantly lower shrinkage than the most popular composites on the market. With over 75% conversion and as little as 1.2% shrinkage, N’Durance restorations provide great wear resistance, biocompatibility and color stability, as well as exhibiting no postoperative sensitivity. Clinicians can feel comfortable with using N’Durance in all classes of anterior and posterior dental restorations. N’Durance is also compatible with all bonding agents so there are no additional techniques to learn or materials to purchase. N’Durance Nano Dimer Universal Composite system is available in an eight shade kit made up of the most popular anterior and posterior shades. A total of 16 Vita shades, plus universal opaque, bleach white, and incisal are available in syringes or unidose capsules.

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