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Dental ID Toothprints by Septodont

Dental ID Toothprints


Septodont, the market leader in pain control products and accessories, presents Toothprints, an effective Dental ID system that captures the unique tooth characteristics of a child as well as DNA. Toothprints is simple to use and requires no special requirements for long-term storage. The captures impression provides DNA for analysis and a future scent record should canine tracking be necessary. Impressions are taken by the clinician and given to the parent for long-term storage. Missing persons and abductions are a stark reality for those who work in law enforcement, high-risk occupations, or schools. This quick and easy system offers peace of mind to parents when the unthinkable happens. Toothprints can be used in conjunction with local law enforcement fingerprinting programs, health fairs, and other community events. Toothprints is available through the Dental Supply Dealer.

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