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Riva Self Cure Starter Kit by SDI (North America) Inc.

Riva Self Cure Starter Kit

SDI (North America) Inc.

SDI’s Riva Self Cure is now available in both regular and high viscosity formulations and can be purchased in conveniently packaged Starter kits. Riva Self Cure is a self curing, tooth remineralizing glass ionomer restorative material which chemically adheres to the tooth structure. It has very high fluoride releasing and recharging abilities and is a strong dentin replacement. It is also BPA and HEMA free. Clinicians use Riva Self Cure when they want to practice minimally invasive dentistry, when they need to bulk fill, and when they need radiopacity. Riva Self Cure is available in both regular and high viscosity formulations. The Starter kit contains 10 capsules of regular viscosity and 10 capsules of high viscosity. Each kit is available in A1 or A2 and in fast or regular setting times. In addition, each kit contains the powerful Applicator gun and Riva Conditioner. Phone: 800-228-5166 Web:

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