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seT by SDI (North America) Inc.


SDI (North America) Inc.

An all-in-one luting cement, seT from SDI etches, bonds, and fills with just one component. seT also minimizes post operative sensitivity as it does not require separate etching and washing, and the smear layer remains intact to protect the tooth, which reduces post-operative sensitivity. seT has been specifically designed to release a consistently high dose of fluoride over a prolonged period of time. The proprietary glass formulation in seT serves as a caries preventative system by providing continuous replenishment of fluoride to the oral environment. A dual cure system, seT hardens in 5 minutes by itself or just 20 seconds with the aid of a curing light. Proprietary hydrophobic monomers give seT good water resistance in the cured state, whilst maintaining excellent substrate wetting when placed onto a moist bonding surface. seT also contains fillers that give it good radiopacity. The material in seT rapidly equilibrates to a stable marginally positive weight, maintaining its anatomical form. seT comes in 5 shades to maximize esthetics: Translucent, A1, A2, OA3, and opaque white and is available in boxes of 50 capsules for each shade as well as an assorted kit containing 10 capsules of each shade.

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