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Riva Self Cure HV by SDI (North America) Inc.

Riva Self Cure HV

SDI (North America) Inc.

Riva Self Cure HV from SDI is a high viscosity, extremely strong self curing glass ionomer restorative, tough enough to resist surface indentation and strong enough to withstand substantial mechanical loads. Riva Self Cure HV’s packability makes restorations easy to shape and contour. It can be bulk placed and does not adhere to instruments. Riva Self Cure HV is a strong dentin replacement. When dentin is missing, use Riva Self Cure HV to replace it, no adhesive is required, and sensitivity is non-existent. Riva Self Cure HV has free movement of fluoride, which provides benefits to surrounding and adjacent tooth surfaces. The significant fluoride levels released result in increased anti-cariogenic properties and improved longevity of the restoration. Riva Self Cure HV is available in shades A1, A2, A3 and A3.5.

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