inLab MC X5

Dentsply Sirona

The open 5-axis milling and grinding machine inLab MC X5 is designed specifically to meet dental lab requirements for cost-efficient production today and in the future. Every aspect of inLab MC X5 has been designed to address the CAD/CAM needs encountered in dental labs. Intensive technical and technological exchange with many dental technicians has led to the creation of a production machine fulfilling practically all requirements. For the reliable, independent production of dental prostheses.

inLab MC X5 is a completely open production unit. It is the perfect supplement to the inLab components inEos X5 and inLab software, but for the first time it can also be used to process other STL restoration data. inLab MC X5 is designed as a universal production unit for processing zirconium oxide, polymers, composites, wax and metals2 as well as glass and hybrid ceramics. inLab MC X5 processes standard disks (Ø 98.5 mm, up to 30 mm thick)3 and blocks in a single machine. 

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