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Sabra Prophy Powder by Sabra Dental Products

Sabra Prophy Powder

Sabra Dental Products

Sabra's Prophy polishing powder is totally compatible with your Prophy Jet as well as any other air-slurry polisher on the Market. Guaranteed!!

Our one pound screw top jars are more cost effective and easier to use. Simply unscrew the cap and pour out what you need - There is no waste!

Flavor, Flavor, Flavor We have the spearmint flavoring and sweetener added as well as flow control ingrediants to prevent clogging. Sabra Prophy Powder is the perfect powder for your busy practice.

Try it now before you waste more money! Our Sabra Powder comes with a no hassle, money back guarentee. Use up to one pound of the powder, and if you dont like it, send the rest back for a full refund. ( Less shipping costs ) 

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