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Implant Solution by Sabra Dental Products

Implant Solution

Sabra Dental Products

The Implant Solution™ from Sabra Dental is a revolutionary method to clean around patients’ implants during their recall visits. These hygiene instruments enable cleaning around implants with the effectiveness of a steel scaler. Each instrument is made of a medical-grade resin that is extremely durable and effective in removing debris without scratching the implant surface. Two designs are available. The IS-2 model chisel enables a better angle to remove deposits on the lingual side of the anterior teeth. The curvature design of the IS-1 model is ideal for cleaning posteriorly, especially to reach subgingivally around the conical portion of the implant. A larger diameter handle is built into both instruments, with grooves designed to aid in the drainage and removal of fluids such as saliva and not interfere with tactile sensitivity. The Implant Solution is a fully certified FDA class 3 device. The Implant Solution is exclusively distributed by Sabra Dental.

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