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QUARTZ SPLINT® “MESH” reinforcement fibers by RTD USA

QUARTZ SPLINT® “MESH” reinforcement fibers


RTD, the company world-famous for its fiber-reinforced endodontic posts, has applied its expertise to a line of pre-impregnated reinforcement fibers called QUARTZ SPLINT. Offered in four varieties, this product is designed for a multitude of clinical applications.

QS “MESH”, is presented in individual 50mm X 80mm sheets; ideal for reinforced fabrication and/or repair of acrylic dentures, partials, and orthodontic appliances. QS MESH is pre-impregnated with a proprietary resin that contains both light-cure and heat-cure catalysts.

Made from proprietary Quartz fibers, the product offers unsurpassed flexural strength, compared to glass and polyethylene fiber products. Special, light-proof clam-shell packaging protects the product from ambient light and permits safe storage of unused material for subsequent treatments.

There are introductory kits, and refill packages available, as well as super-sharp scissors.

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