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NiTi 'Memory Shape' Needle by Roydent™ Dental Products

NiTi 'Memory Shape' Needle

Roydent™ Dental Products

Roydent Dental Products announces the launch of a micro-apical placement (MAP) needle for use with its popular MAP system. The flexible, bendable, re-usable nickel titanium (NiTi) ‘memory shape’ needle is a valuable addition to the MAP system line. It is available in two tip diameters (0.9 mm and 1.3 mm) to meet most endodontic needs. The NiTi memory shape needle allows an endodontist to manually create any required curvature per canal anatomy. This manual flexibility makes the NiTi needle a smart choice for orthograde obturation into very narrow (N 0) and challenging canals or perforations. Once properly autoclaved, the NiTi needle recovers its original form and can be reshaped for the next procedure. MAP System is a site-specific delivery system using piston/needle devices that provide a unique, efficient method for placing IRM® and root canal repair materials, such as ProRoot® MTA, SuperEBA™, calcium hydroxide, and amalgam. Ideal for microsurgery, the curved, hooked, straight, triple-angled, and ‘memory shape’ needles provide access for apical (retrograde) or coronal (orthograde) material placement. MAP System is available in Complete or Intro kits that include pistons and needles with various tip diameters. Individual components are also made available separately when needed for specific applications or as replacements.

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